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five 2020 trends you should thrift

five 2020 trends you should thrift

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The first wave of Fashion Month has come to an end and I’m feeling like I’ve seen this all before.

Every time I search the latest season’s trends to write these posts, I’m really starting to think brands are just going to the thrift store and looking for inspo to have walk down the runway.

To prove my point, I typically head to my local thrift store and hunt for a few trends BUT, I realized I have a shit ton of post up already with some of these trends so let’s take a trip down memory lane shall we and explore all the 2020 trends I’ve thrifted from blog post past.

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  • Suiting: This trend was big for Fall 2019 and it’ has no plans of slowing down. Suiting by far is the easiest trend you can thrift, just hit up the suit section and go to town! A tip, I would search men’s suits over the women; they have a wider selection with more cuts, patterns, and fabrics to give you a super unique look.

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  • Fringe: This trend dominated the runways in Spring 2018 and has made a comeback for Spring 2020. Now, this is a trickier trend to find in the thrift so I suggest hitting up vintage shops or a search online via Etsy and eBay if you’re looking to get this trend in the moment. If you’re willing to wait a bit, search more curated shops or hit up resale stores in your area. It may take a bit, but that is apart of the fun!

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  • Bold Florals: Floras for spring? Groundbreaking. This is one of those trends that just kinda update season after season but never really changes so let’s be happy about that because you can always find it in a thrift shop. Set’s like this one I picked up on a trip last year is a bit harder to find but not impossible.

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  • Bermuda Shorts: Another look that is super easy to thrift just with a quick search in your local thrift or in my case, a rummage through my aunt’s closet. If push comes to shove, search for a suit and just cut the trousers into shorts. Magic!

…and PS. I stupidly gave this suit away in a closet purge. Don’t be like me folks!

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Blank Slate (white): I love a little white dress, have a few in my collection and I’m happy this staple Spring trend is getting some well-deserved hype on the runways! And I have a little trick to finding the most ethereal white dresses similar to the ones that came down the NYFW runway and that’s to grab you a nightgown sis!


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And that’s it!

So what trends are you excited for this spring AND what trends are you going to hunt your local thrift for?



All photos by Sandy Swagger Jones