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five fall trends you should thrift

five fall trends you should thrift

Fall is finally upon us and it’s time to turn your closet over from your #hotgirlsummer to #chillgirlfall.

I have to be honest, when researching trends for this season, I couldn’t help but laugh. It’s as if every designer went into a thrift store to pull inspiration for their latest collections. Every Fall 2019 trend and I mean EVERY trend I have in my closet courtesy of a Goodwill or Salvation Army. Sometimes these “thrifted” trend post can be challenging but this was like taking candy from a baby. But I would never do that in real life…unless the baby had Nerds, then it game on baby!

  1. Matching Sets|| Matching sets were all the rage back in the 80’s and somebody finally got their mom to clean out the closets round my way cause the thrift stores here are PACKED to the brim with them. You will typically find these sets in the suit section but be sure to check dresses as well!
  2. Dark Florals|| I love a good moody floral and I’ve had the best luck in finding this trend in the skirt section. The only sorta downside to this trend would be fining a skit that fit. Many of the “moody florals” skirts I’ve found have been vintage and that sizing honey can be a bitch!
  3. Suits|| It was a huge street style trend and it will be a huge trend this Fall and it should be a no brainer where you can find this look but if you need some help…the suit section!
  4. Modern Romance|| Just give me all the puffy sleeves, over the top collars and ruffle hem dresses you can find. As I noted in Tuesday’s post, I have the best luck finding these items in the PJ section, but I’ve also scored in the dress section and blouses as well. The really good ones are always vintage.
  5. Plaid|| There is not shortage of plaid in any clothing section of a thrift store. BLazers, skirts, pants, blouses, handbags…it’s all there for the taking and it’s up to you to decide which piece you want to get.

What Fall trends are you excited for??



Photos by Sandy Swagger Jones