Thrift Store Hunting


I have not clue how this managed to slip under my radar, but it’s #secondhandseptember and if you are not familiar with the latest movement sweeping the fashion scene, allow me to fill you in.

#secondhandseptember; strategically practiced during Fashion Month and the turn of a new fashion season, is a movement to get people to take a month off from shopping and really try to use what they have in their existing closets. With NYFW, LFW, MFW and PFW all taking place over the course of September many fashion enthusiast feel the need to go out and shop. This month is designed to get us to reset our thinking about purchasing new clothes, think outside of the box with our wardrobe and be more mindful if we have to shop.

Today I’m giving you four quick tips on how to celebrate #secondhandseptember!

  1. Take Stock|| Take all of your clothes out of your closet, (not right now, wait until you finished reading this post lol) and take stock of what you have. Does everything fit you properly? Do you love the pieces you have in your closet? Do the pieces in your closet still fit your style? If the answer to these questions are NO, then get rid of them! The biggest reason we scream we have noting to wear is because we keep pieces in our closet that are not serving us. Be sure you love everything in your closet
  2. Play Dress Up|| Since your clothes already out from your closet, play dress up! A lot of the times we think we have noting to wear despite our closet bursting at the seams, is because we just keep wearing the same things. Challenge yourself to get out of your style rut and play with your clothes. Take pictures of the looks you like the best, save them in your phone and the next time you feel the urge to shop because “you have noting to wear”, pull out a look from your dress up session.
  3. Rent Your Closet||Why purchase that new dress for your cousins wedding who is three times removed on your mothers side that you will only wear once and then push to the back of your closet when you can rent it. There are so many “life events” where we feel the need to purchase a new outfit and that just not the case. Really have a long talk with yourself before you buy that outfit fit for a single occasion and if you fell the urge to get a ‘fit for the wedding, rent it. Don’t buy.
  4. Shop secondhand||The name of the month is #secondhandseptember so I will just leave this tip right here.

Now I’ve given you four of the easiest tips but if you visit the #secondhandseptember website or follow the hashtag on Instagram you will find hundreds more!

Let me know how you plan on celebrating #secondhandseptember!



Photos by Sandy Swagger Jones