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three nyfw trends you can thrift

three nyfw trends you can thrift

Fashion Month is finally here!

If you’re a diehard fashion enthusiast you are equal parts excited for the Spring/Summer 2020 runway shows and the amazing NYFW street style. I personally have a Pinterest Board, Instagram Collection and a Google folder all filled with street style looks I plan on recreating with a quick trip to my local thrift. There are of course some looks that will be a bit challenging to thrift, but there are soooo many that are so easy a person who’s never thrifted could pick out the looks with their eyes closed!

Today I’m giving you my top THREE NYFW trends you can thrift, easily!

Suiting (to include short & skirt suits)|| I’ve been wearing suits since I was in Jr. HS when I was stealing my dads out of his closet! I love a good suit and have amassed a small collection of them. My favorite place to snag one is the men’s section; they have the most amazing prints, colors and cuts but of course don’t sleep on the woman’s or little boys sections; of course if you’re small enough for the little boys section!

Jumpsuits||One time I found this amazing jumpsuit in the thrift store, wore it once and gave it to my dad. Then I saw it all over the place at fashion week and asked for it back….he don’t wear it anyway lol! Make a b-line right for the men’s section at your local thrift and hunt for the perfect jumpsuit of your dreams. This can be a tricky item to find, so you may fair better by searching Ebay or Etsy.

Prairie Style Dresses||I’ve collected a few of these over the last few months, many of them long sleeve and I can’t wait for the cooler temperatures to hit so I can wear them. An obvious place to search is the dress rack (and yes still check there), but I’ve had the most success finding those puffy shoulder, ruffle hem and bell sleeve lovelies in the PJ section! Folks back in the day went to sleep fancy AF so that section is a gold mine! Be sure to check the lining (or not if you bold like that) and try on for fit as I’ve found many are vintage and cut a bit different.

What are some of your favorite NYFW trends?



Photo by Sandy Swagger Jones

Images courtesy of, Teen, Google Images & Popsugar