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four tips on avoiding the morning 180

four tips on avoiding the morning 180

You’re twenty minutes late for work, on your 10th outfit change in the last 30 minutes and ARE still not satisfied with your look. As the mound of clothes piles on your bed, you question if it would be socially acceptable to wear your robe to work. I mean it’s clean, could pass as a wrap dress and if you toss an oversized blazer on top with a belt, who could tell.

Story of my life…

After what seems like a lifetime of playing outfit Russin roulette, I’ve figured out a few tricks that help me get dressed in the morning not totally hating my outfit, avoid the 180 and out of the house on time…well sometimes lol! #judgeyourmother

  • Plan the night before! I’m not really a “plan the night before” kinda gal; picking my clothes out in the morning helps me get my creative juices going BUT if I know I’ll be short on time in the morning, this is my goto. If you’re like me and the process of choosing clothes in the AM gives you a creative boost, pre-plan a few options so you can choose the final look in the morning!
  • Use you for insop! Contrary to popular belief, all those past looks that were worthy of the ‘gram can be worn again…GASP! Take a quick scroll through your feed and wear something you’ve worn before cause hey if it looked good once, it’ll look good again. And trust me, no one will know you’ve had it on before and if they do tell Karen to let you liiiivvvveeee!

inspo from the ‘gram

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  • Play dress up! The next time you’re doing a closet cleanout, have a mini “dress-up” party, put some looks together and snap some pictures. Save them in a folder in on your phone and when you’re stuck on what to wear in the morning, go back through your album; mine is called “get it together Shanna” lol and choose a look!

from my “get it together Shanna” album

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  • Plan a “goto” look, or two, or three! This tip is clutch and one I go to (see what I did there lol) often. I have a few looks that I look good in, feel good in and have them on standby at all times. When all else fails, I’ll throw on one of my “goto” looks and head out the door! A few of my fave “goto: looks, skinny jeans, blouse, and booties or a white button-down and high waisted jeans.

some of my “goto” looks

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And that’s all folks!

If you have any tips that help you avoid the morning 180 leave them in the comments!!



Photos by Sandy Swagger Jones


  1. February 26, 2020 / 10:35 am

    Love this! Such great tips.

    • Shanna
      March 7, 2020 / 12:20 pm

      I’m so glad you found these tips helpful!