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everything I spent: February

“Never spend your money before you have earned it.” —Thomas Jefferson

Love it when I can have a month with NO surprise expenses and things stay chill. My first few freelance checks came in and after accounting for taxes, savings and profits; I have a post on how I divvy up my freelance finances if you want to take a read, I was able to draw a decent paycheck!

Now this month was chill BUT it maybe because I’ve been keeping my head in the sand with a few very important tasks and been dragging my feet on getting some important money things done.

Time to get off your lazy ass Shanna!

This month, I’m putting my butt in gear, making a todo list, and getting shit done! I heard this rumor that the issues you face will never actually go away, so you might as well get it done. Who knew??

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  1. File my damn taxes. So technically they’re “done” but because I have to add my business into the mix, I’m scared to hit push submit…don’t need the IRS down my back! Last week, I finally got with a CPA through HR Block’s Tax Pro Go service so they can do the heavy lifting for me and finally get this checked off my todo list. It seems simple enough, I just upload all the needed documents, but I have a call with him next week to go over everything and get the process started.
  2. Submit my forbearance forms. I have a total of four student loans; three private and one federal. The federal loan I keep in a constant forbearance and I know it’s not ideal BUT I was at a point where I could not afford it and it’s time for me to renew it. I’ve been going back and forth with proceeding but I think for the next six months I will and then reassess.
  3. Go through medical bills. Despite having medical insurance, I have a bit of medical debt; inset emoji eye roll and I’ve been ignoring it. Well not really ignoring it, more like fighting with my insurance company as to why despite being insured, I have a $600 plus bill from the ER. Like WTF man??!? My plan is to collect them; I have a few and start making calls to the hospital to negotiate a lower price and pay them.
  4. Allocate freelance income. I’ve yet to make a solid decision on how to handle my freelance income but as the payments have started to roll in, I need to make a plan and fast before I just blow it on stupid stuff.
  5. Look for a bookkeeper. I need one badly! I’m over my head with how to keep up with all the money admin things and I need some help, so I’m going to find someone who can take that over for me.

I’m going to document all of this on my IG stories or maybe do a series on my IGTV’s, so keep up in real-time there!

Here’s February’s money check-in:

Emergency Fund: $449.04 (up $100)

Short Term Savings: $400.41 (up $100)

Long Term Savings: $1,908.18 (no change)

AES: $ 5,971.94 (down 90.34)

Alright, kids!

That’s it for this month. To keep up with my progress, hang out over on IG!



photos by Sandy Swagger Jones