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four unconventional tips for getting thrift store prices at the mall

four unconventional tips for getting thrift store prices at the mall

Ya’ll! I went to the mall last week and one thing is clear, I’m used to thrift store prices. I flat out REFUSE to pay $10 for a shirt when I can get 2 for the same price at the Goodwill!

BUT, I still enjoy shopping responsibly at the mall, so over the past few years, I learned a few tips on ways I could still shop at the mall while staying on my thrift store budget.

Shop when a sale is on sale. Shopping on sale is a no brainer BUT if you want to really save a coin, shop when the sale section is on sale. My holy grail mall brand is the Gap BUT I only shop there when their sale section is on sale; currently, 40% off at the time of this post. I’ve seen it upwards of an extra 60% off their sale section and the last time it was that high, I got a pair of jeans for $5! Cheaper than my local Goodwill!

Check your Sunday Circulars. Low key, it’s a treasure trove for coupons to major department stores; think Macy’s, JC Penny’s and Sears. Now, this is not a tip I’ve personally used BUT I have trusted sources who have and say it really saves them a coin! Be sure to read the fine print because sometimes these coupons have exclusions.

shop similar looks:

Look for damaged items. OK, I know what you’re saying. Shanna WHY would I buy an item that’s damaged?? Well, my friend, it’s because they offer a built extra discount AND you can at times ask for a little bit more off. Now many times these items have a tear here or a small stain there that for a little bit of effort on your end, you can fix yourself. No biggie!

Shop with your fave bloggers; you know like me lol. Yes, thrifting is my JAM but I link what I’m wearing through a platform called ShopStyle just in case you like something I’m wearing and want to get a similar item. And I’m always sure to link only the items that are on sale so it saves you a coin! Other bloggers who link through ShopStyle and other similar platforms, sometimes do a roundup of sites that are having great sales, so be sure to look out for those and you can also just shop with them directly and receive cashback for certain purchases when you become a member!

And there you have it! Some of the unconventional tips on how to shop at the mall (or online) with thrift store prices in mind!

Let me know if you’ve used any of these tips or have any everyone should know about!



photos by Sandy Swagger Jones