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pinning lately: french girl style

I’ve been having a love affair with the “French Girl Style” aesthetic as of late.

There is just something about how efforless yet chic this style is and eliminates the need to have a closet full of clothes, just a few staples that you can mix and match. To really lean into this style, there area few best practices…

1. Ditch the trends. This style is built on closet staples. You won’t see anyone who’s adopted this aesthetic in the latest and greatest trends unless it’s a unique play on a basic; for example the poplin color blouse or split hem denim. This style is all about having the ability to seamlessly mix and match items in your closet and have your overall style be the focal point and not individual pieces. You want items that will be just as relevant now and in the future, so you will see a lot of people who adopt this style shop vintage. 

2. Quality over Quantity. Instead of spending $100 on five items or making that 2AM impulse purchases, this style leans into mindful shopping and choosing items that will last for years. This style aesthetic is not about having all the pieces rather the right pieces to create a versatile wardrobe. Shopping this way will take time and effort, but in the end your closet will be filled with items you love and less turnover. 

3. The WOW factor. While this style focuses on basics, it does leave room for including a few wow pieces. That can be a handbag, a shoe with a pop of color or print, statement piece of jewelry or outerwear. But even with a wow piece, they are still what you would consider a classic by way of style and shape.

4. Styling tricks. When you have a closet full of carefully selected basics, the creativity comes in how you style everything. Whether it’s half tucking your blouse into your jeans, tying a sweater around your waist or draping your jacket or sweater on your shoulders, it’s those small styling tricks that make your pieces more versatile. And take this one step further by having your items play multiple roles; your cardgin as a top, your oversized blazer as a dress or your button down as a skirt.

What are your thoughts on the French Girl Style??



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