Thrift Store Hunting

fall trends i already own, so do you, and how i styled them

fall trends i already own, so do you, and how i styled them

So here’s the thing…..

These posts are me typically letting you know what Fall trends you can thrift along with links in the event you just want easy access BUT I’ve decided to change it up a bit this time. While researching trends for this season, I found many of them I already have in my closet and if I have them in mine, I’m sure you have them in yours. So why recommend you go shop; even if it’s at a secondhand store when you can just search the deepest depths of your closet.

And that’s what I’m doing. Now by all means, if you want to go out and purchase something secondhand or new, feel free, but I think you can save a few coins this season by using what you have.

Chunky Sweater || I have an obsession with chunky sweaters, especially the vintage variety. Despite my closet being filled to the brim with overcoats, in the winter months, I tend to layer and top off all those layers off with a cozy knit. I prefer my knits in neutral shades, but I do own a rainbow one I thrifted a few years back that is one of my favorites. The options to style them are endless; dresses, skirts, jeans, trousers, leggings; honestly anything goes!

Saturated Colors || For the past year I’ve been wearing a lot of neutrals but as of late have been picking up pops of color to use as an accent so I’m happy this trend is now on the scene. I know tons of color is normally reserved for Spring/Summer but I’m happy it will be making an appearance this Fall. I wore the orange pants I have on in my photos this Summer with a purple top and it was so vibrant but paired with this cinnamon sweater, its tones it down just a touch without it losing its punch. Pair your pops of color together or add it as an accent with neutral shades.

Trousers || Trousers and I have a long history beginning when I wore my dad’s to school. I don’t own a ton of activewear, so I wear them like sweat pants in some cases. Dress them up with loafers and a blouse or down with a t-shirt and sneakers. I love mind a touch oversized for comfortable and relaxed look.

Loafers || I’ve been living in loafers as of late. They instantly make a pair of t-shirt and jeans look more elevated and polished. They come in a variety of styles and after trying out a few, I’ve found the style I like and plan on buying them in every color I can get my hands on.

So now that you’ve seen the trends, which ones do you have in your closet??