Thrift Store Hunting



When you thrift for the first time it can be very overwhelming sorting through racks upon racks of clothing. I remember my first time; I was like a deer caught in headlights, not sure where to start first. I was in my local Goodwill for a total of 15 minutes before I made a beeline for the front door vowing to never go back. Since my Instagram bio states “Style. One thrift find at a time”, I’ve clearly gotten over my thrifting anxiety! I’ve given tons of tips to first time thrifters to help ease their fears about it; I even did a whole series on how to thrift but my best tip would be to get your feet wet by shopping online with Swap.

Swap is an online retailer that specializes in selling secondhand clothing and it’s super easy to navigate, something first time thrifter’s can rejoice in! What makes shopping with Swap so easy is the ease of finding exactly what you’re looking for; weeding out everything you’re not. Let’s say you’re looking for a black blazer, size 10 and you only want one by Ann Taylor; use the filter feature at the top of the page, put in your preferences and like magic they will appear; for a first time thrifter this is the golden ticket. And there’s no shortage of Ann Taylor Blazers, Gap Jeans or J. Crew Tops to choose from because they have over 2 million items in stock daily! They only pick the best of the best secondhand items to sell, so you don’t have to worry about stains, rips, holes or tears in anything you order. Everything comes beautifully packaged, ready for you to wear right out of the box! This site is perfect for not just first time thifter’s but seasoned ones as well; because sometimes I just want to find what I’m looking for without all the hunting!

And since I want you to find your perfect gem, I’m giving you my top 3 tips for shopping Swap!

  1. Visit Often! With over 2 million items in stock and more being added daily, you need to check their site often to avoid missing out on goodies!
  2. Add to Cart! I know with other retailers if something has been in your online cart for a few days, it will clear itself but not with Swap; I’ve had an Armani blazer sitting in my cart for a week now and I’m just waiting till payday to snatch her up! So if you’re searching their site and you see something amazing you need but just not ready to pull the trigger; or like me waiting for payday lol, add it to cart so no one else can snatch up your prize!
  3. Check the “For You” Section! Think of this section as your own personal shopper. Swap does an amazing job of curating pieces for you based on items you have recently viewed or purchased. With such a huge selection of clothing to sort through, it can be easy to miss out a gem. While searching online yesterday, I saw they “pulled” a velvet Armani blazer for me and of course that went into the cart as well!


Let me know what goodies you score by shopping with Swap in the comments below!



 This post is in partnership with Swap. As always, opinions and styling are my own. Thank you for supporting all me and Minnie collaborations! 

Photos by Sandy Swagger Jones