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#RVAshopssmall: Mod and Soul

#RVAshopssmall: Mod and Soul


I’m not sure if it’s the perfectly curated Instagram feed of amazing clothes, the cool downtown city location, or the charming decor of the store that makes Mod and Soul the place all the cool girls shop. I find myself in a trance every time Jasmina post a piece; trying to figure out if I really need food this month because I neeeeed this top, or skirt, or shoe! But beyond the beautiful clothes is Jasmina, the owner of this quaint little shop and her story of why she started her business will make you fall in love with this shop a little bit more.


What was the inspiration behind Mod and Soul? 

I wanted to create something a little different for Richmond. I’m inspired by effortlessly chic style; something you see a lot in California. At the same time, I loved simple clean lines and a lot of neutrals. I love simple clean lines and a lot of trends, but love to make them move wearable, and mix them with timeless classics for practically.



Have you always wanted to open a small business?  

Yes! My dream was to always be self-employed and do something creative but I wasn’t sure what that would be. I started playing around with selling interesting fashion pieces online as a creative outlet and realized that entrepreneurship really fulfilled me! Last year I decided to take a risk and create a small business out of my passion.


What’s your favorite thing about owing a small business?

My favorite thing is the pride when you see your creation grow and succeed. It’s an amazing feeling! I love that every day is different and I have a lot of different roles, versus having one set job. I also absolutely love owing a small business in Richmond; so many people are supportive and want you to succeed!



I love everything your in your shop! What is your process for choosing what to sell?  

Thank you! I really think a lot about the items I decide to stock in the store. Of course, quantity is number one. I make sure to choose fabrics that will look great and last for a while. Flattering fits and shapes that would make someone look and feel beautiful and comfortable at the same time are always at the top of my list. I think about the Richmond woman and her every day life; items that are practical but trendy, work to play and classic pieces are my favorite to have in the store.



Why open in the RVA area? What makes owing a business here so unique? 

I’ve been in Richmond since 1999 and have made it my home. Richmond has such a small town feel and people are extremely supportive by spreading the word about small businesses they really love. Our store is in a rapidly growing part of downtown and we still don’t see the foot traffic like some other shopping areas surrounding Richmond. Without our customers’ support and word of mouth, it would have been tough to survive the first year in business. So I’m extremely grateful to all of our loyal customers, and all the referrals.


Now its time for some Rapid Fire Question!

First thing you did when you got up this morning?

Make coffee and walk my dog

Last song you listened to? 

In my car on the way to the store; Demi Lovato- Sorry Not Sorry. Great one to sing in your car and get you up and your day started!

Three things in your purse right now?

Wallet, chap-stick and business cards

 Favorite TV show? 

That’s a tough one; I have many! I would have to go with “Breaking Bad”.

Favorite item in the shop? 

Currently my favorite item has to be this black embroidered jacket with buttons on the front. It’s just easy to pair with everything. Wear them with jeans for a causally chic look or put over a dress for work or a special event.

Want more Mod and Soul?

Instagram: @modandsoul


Store Location: 323 West Broad Street


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Photos by Sandy Swagger Jones