Thrift Store Hunting

four questions i ask before adding pieces to my closet

So if you read last week’s post, you know for the last few years I’d been making closet cleanouts my entire personality.

After more than a few closet cleanouts, finally figuring what I liked and really leaning into it, I had to come up with some tips to help me keep my closet in check. These tips are born from habits I had when shopping and while I still will fall into the trap from time to time; I just got a pair of leather pants that are a wee bit too tight, I’ve found it’s becoming easier now that I have these rules in the back of my mind.

Does it fit into my current personal style | Right now I’m very into neutrals with pops of color and giving my outfits character with different fabrics, textures, and creative styling. With that in mind, why do I need a head-to-toe zebra print suit EVEN if it’s cute? If I can’t find a way to make that work with my existing style, I don’t get it. And to be honest, since I’ve really found my style for the moment I don’t feel tempted too often by pieces that don’t fall in line with it.

Does it fit |This may seem like a fucking no-brainer BUT I’ve been guilty of purchasing clothes that don’t quite fit in hopes of getting it altered or losing the bit of weight needed for a perfect fit and using the piece as motivation. Spoiler it never happens and in the end, these clothes take up space in my closet and become a waste of money. So if the jeans don’t fit, I must leave them in the store.

Vintage Trench Coat (similar here and here) | Chambray Shirt (similar) | DIY Levis Jeans (similar here and here) | Vintage Cowboy Boots (similar) | Vintage Straw Bag

Am I just filling a hole | I’ve been on the hunt for a satin black skirt and no matter how much I search I can’t find one that I like, so I settled for a cotton black skirt that kinda gave me the vibe I was looking for. Guess what? I don’t wear it and as I write this, it’s currently mocking me from the laundry basket. While I don’t see anything inherently wrong with getting a placeholder piece, for me it’s been a costly habit that turns into a downward spiral as I will keep buying upgrades for the placeholder instead of just buying the piece I want outright.

How many do I have | I love a good, crisp white button-down as much as the next gal BUT do I need 10? I mean yes, but in reality no. In recent months, I’ve stopped collecting “like” items like infinity stones and stick to the current versions in my closet. The only exception to this rule is if the item has a major distinct difference from what I currently have or I’m getting a replacement. So while it pains me to leave a beautifully tailored, crisp, sparkling white shit in the store, I fight the urge to keep my closet streamlined.

Now, these tips aren’t full-proof but the more I’ve implemented these tips when I’m out shopping, the more they have helped keep me on track when it comes to not purchasing pieces that will end up in a donation pile.