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just another friday…

just another friday…

We’ve made it to another Friday and I have to admit, it came up on me fast. I typically sneak out of work a few moments early to start my weekend BUT duty calls as my job is hosting a virtual concert today so it’s going to be a late-ish evening.

I used to share my “Friday Favorites” on here but it got away from it and I think I want to bring it back. I loved sharing all the things I’d seen over the last week in hopes that it was of interest to you as well.

So here we go!

1// Hamilton

I wanted to see this on Broadway and was never lucky enough to secure tickets BUT I have my chance to see it since it’s on Disney Plus! I’m so excited to finally see it!

2// So You Want to Talk About Anti-Semitism

I have a longer post about this coming up next week, but I’ve been disappointed in my community and our reaction in the wake of the Nick Cannon matter. Just like we want people to be held to the fire for racist remarks against us, we have to hold our feet to the fire for remarks we make against other minority communities; in this case the Jewish Community.

3// Buy Black

As you know I made a vow to buy black at least once a month until the end of the year and a blogger that I love penned around up of Black-owned brands she’s shopped in the past. I will be using this to help guide me on this journey.

4// Chloe Ting

So during the height of lockdown, I got back into working out and a friend recommended these Chloe Ting workouts. If you are prepared to die BUT look good in the casket, give them a try. I am one day from finishing the “4 Week Shred” and then will be moving on to the “2 Week Abs Challenge”. I wish you good luck lol!

5// R/Slash

So in yesterday’s post, I talked about YouTube channels I love and by far my fave is one where this guy is reading Reedit post. It’s sooooo good and funny as hell so I need you to take a listen so we can chat lol!

What are your weekend plans!



Photos by Sandy Swagger Jones