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hello 36

hello 36

I knew I would turn 36 one day but never really knew I would turn 36, does that make sense? This past year has been amazing, so many things have happened and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down! Instead of doing a super cheesy and quite frankly long ass list of 36 things I’ve learned in the last 36 years, I’ll give a much shorter list of things I’ve learned over the last year.

  1. NO is not an answer! This past year I’ve not taking NO for an answer at all. If you are giving me a no, I’m trying to figure out to make that a yes, nuff said!
  2. Create your OWN opportunities! It’s a lesson my mother has been trying to pump in my head for years and I finally listened and it works! Many of the opportunities I’ve enjoyed this past year have been as a result of me just creating them myself.
  3. Thrive off the FEAR! When I get scared shitless about something, I try to turn that into the boost I need to keep moving ahead. I admit sometimes the fear is too much for me to bear and I have to step back but when I can push thru, it pays off big time!
  4. Be THANKFUL! This is not a lesson I’ve just learned but a lesson I’ve been putting into practice this past year. It’s been life changing for me to stop and just be thankful for where I’ve been and how far I’ve come!





Photos by Sandy Swagger Jones