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four ways to be sustainable for free

four ways to be sustainable for free

Happy Earth Day!

I’ve never understood this push to have folks spend money in order to be sustainable. For some spending money is NOT sustainable and that makes a lot of people who are in that position feel they can’t participate and not the case. Even if you can’t spend a dime here are four ways you can be more sustainable and be a little kinder to Mother Earth.

  • Be an outfit repeater

I mean you did buy your clothes to wear more than once, right?

  • Lengthen the time in-between washes

Fun fact. You aren’t supposed to wash your denim after every wear; well unless they are trashed lol. I typically wash my jeans every four to five wears. If they need a little refresh in-between, I pop them in the dryer with some fabric spray.

  • Repurpose your clothes

Ninety Percent of my cut-off shorts were jeans in a past life. Why go buy a new pair when I can just take an old pair of jeans and get the same result for FREE! I posted a video on my IG feed if you need a guide to do that yourself.

  • Advocate for change

Make your voice heard when it comes to your favorite brands being more sustainable. Write them on social media, send emails, or get involved with groups who are pushing brands to reduce their carbon footprint.

And there you have it!

What ways are you practicing substantiality??