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fall 2021 bucket list

fall 2021 bucket list

Summer came and went in the blink of an eye and all we have left is her touch in the late afternoon.

I honestly can’t believe I’m writing my Fall bucket list. This year seems as if it’s been traveling a million miles a second and in the blink of any eye it’s the end of September and in another blink, it will be Christmas, then we’re celebrating a New Year. To be honest, I’ve never been a fan of this particular change in the season. It always signaled the beginning of the end and makes me feel like I have to rush to get all of the goals I set at the beginning of the year completed. The cold and I are NOT friends; mortal enemies if you will, and the time change makes me feel rushed to get all my daily tasks complete before the sun goes down. Not to mention, she came and went so fast, I was barely able to scratch the surface of my Summer Bucket list. I managed to check off that massage and tackled my home decorating but that was about it and for a few of my summer plans, I’ll have to revisit them next year since they are season specific.

But she’s here so I just have to adjust.

Apple Picking. I’ve never done this before, but I have a sudden urge to head to an apple orchard, pick more apples than I know what to do with, and spend hours researching how I can get creative with my bounty.

Solo Mini Vacation. This was on my list for the Summer and I never got around to it. I work in Recreation, so the Summer months are filled with tons of events that I have to work, so getting away can be hard, so I decided it put it off until I had the time. I still plan to stay at Yours Truly Hotel in DC and I want to take the train there and back. I’ll share more plans for my trip once it gets closer!

Take a Class. I was talking to my cousin over the weekend and I mentioned to her that I’ve been wanting to take a class but have been dragging my feet. I have this entire notes app of classes that are on my list, but I’ve just been putting it off. My goal is to scratch two off my list before the year is over.

Spa Day (part two). So I shared on my stories last week that I had my very first massage a few weeks ago and it was nice, so nice that I want to go again! I’m looking to do it on a regular basis but I think once every few months would be nice.

I want to have a moment of transparency. When witting this list, I felt a type of way about not having a ton of things I wanted to compete. In a panic, I tried to rack my brain on my things to add and when I couldn’t, I almost debated not posting. After a bit of internal debate, I chose to post it. I feel like if I’m not busy almost every second of everyday I’m not productive, but that’s not the case and I need to release myself from that mindset.

What are your fall plans??