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Boy have I miss writing!

It’s been a bit radio silent over here and I know that’s not good, but it all comes with a good reason.

I have a brand new position at work; well I’m nearly two months in at this point but I’m still going through a few changes. I no longer work directly with children, making my days pretty quite and I travel…A LOT with meetings and events in between. And if trying to adjust to a new position was not enough, my current client is in the midst of preparing for a trade show, I took on a new client to help through the launch of their new product and I’m a monthly regular for a local midday show and that content ain’t gonna plan itself so…..

To say I’ve been busy is an understatement. With all the new responsibilities that are now on my plate, I desperately went looking for a way to better schedule my day. I’m a pen to paper kinda gal so I love using my planner. I make it a habit to every morning jot down my daily todo list and as my day progresses, I get a super satisfying feeling when I can check things off. But I have to admit, as time went on and my list of todo’s grew it was not so easy getting things check off my list. I found myself rolling over task day after day until I found the need to remove them from my list all together; like my blog, posting on Instagram and just all around not showing my face. As a matter of fact, this post was supposed to go live weeks ago but…..

In a effort to make the best attempt to get things done, I went hunting for a system that would help me make the most of my time during the day. Something that was not overly complicated, easy to learn and could help me stay on track. After a few trips down the rabbit hole, I came across a system that seemed like it was a winner but I needed to test it out and after a few weeks, I was sold.

Block Scheduling.

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Block scheduling is the idea that you schedule your day in “blocks” of time and when that time is up, you move on to the next block. Think of it like your high school class schedule. Block one was Math, block two was English, block three was Science. When Math is over you move to English and when English is over you move to Science. I have my day split into 9 different blocks but you can have more or less depending on you schedule your day and they can be as long or as short as you want them; mine vary between 2 to 3 hours.

So you can get an idea of it looks, take a peek into my personal block schedule.

Block 1

5am to 7pm






Block 2

7am to 9:30am


AM Clean (a quick clean of the house)

Get boy up and ready for school

Get ready for work

Drop boy off at school

Block 3

9:30am to 12:30pm

AM Work Schedule

AM Work Meetings

Block 4

1pm to 2pm



Blog Stuff

Block 5

2pm to 5pm

PM Work Schedule

PM Work Meetings

Block 6

5pm to 7:30pm

Wrap up work

Get boy

Block 7

7:30pm to 9:30pm

Cook dinner

PM Clean (A quick clean of the house)

Block 8

9:30 to 11:00pm


Block 9

11:00pm to 5am


Now you may be looking at this and saying you are missing 30 minutes from your day and that is intentional. For 30 minutes of of the day I take a few mental moments to keep me centered. Most times I just sitting at my desk staring blankly into space but other times I get up and walk around or do a quick meditation.

Let me tell you, block scheduling was a GAME CHANGER when it came to getting my life in order. Just like I have a place for things in my house, I now have a place for all of my daily tasks. I can move through my day with so much ease now that I have come up with a system that keeps me on track. My productivity had gone through the roof; hence this post and I feel less overwhelmed when it comes to getting stuff done.

What do you guys do to keep yourself on track?



Photos by Sandy Swagger Jones