Thrift Store Hunting

Before: How To Thrift

Before: How To Thrift

Are you read to THRIFT?!?!?

It’s finally here!!! Yippee!!!


I’ve been working on this series for a while now and I’m excited to finally share all my tips and tricks that will make you a successful thrifter! Thrifting can be a very overwhelming, especially for the first time, but over the next few weeks my goal is to give all the tools you need before, during and after a trip to your local thrift.

This week is all about what you do BEFORE you head out to a thrift store.

  1. Set aside the time! You are not shopping at a traditional store. I repeat, you are not shopping at a traditional store! You won’t be able to just walk in looking for a black pair of high-waisted mom jeans and walk out with a one, you will need to set aside enough time to really hunt for those jeans so I suggest 2-3 hours; yes 2-3 lol, to ensure you have covered the entire store.
  2. Know your size! Thrift stores are filled with vintage gems but a size 10 from today vs. yesterday are vastly different so knowing your measurements is key to ensure your treasures will fit you perfectly!
  3. Make a “thrift” list! Thought you may not find it, it’s always a good idea to make a list of what you’re looking for before you shop. I have two Pintrest boards where I pin all the things I hope to thrift and refer to it while I shop. And even though you have a list, be open to other things you may find. Your thrift list should not be your end all be all just a guide to use as you are shopping. For heaven-sake if you find a vintage sequin jacket get it, even if it is not on your list!
  4. Check for store discounts! Did you know even thrift stores have sales?!? Be sure to call ahead to see if the store you plan to visit is running any sales. Goodwill and Salvation Army run weekly 50% off sales according to a certain color and a thrift store local to RVA will sometimes mark their entire store half off, so be sure to check before you visit. Also if they have a website, FB  or any other social media page be sure to check there for any discounts they may have.
  5. Set your budget! You can very easily go thrifting, get blinded by the cost of things and end up spending a tiny fortune so be sure to set a budget and bring CASH when you shop!
  6. Dress for success! Please, please, please don’t stroll up to your local thrift in jeans, a button down and heels…you will regret it! You want to wear something that gives you the freedom to move around. I suggest a t-shirt, leggings and slip-ons. These items are easy to take off in a dressing room or try on clothes right over top them.
  7. Pack your “thrift” bag! I always carry a little travel bag with baby wipes, hand sanitizer, shout wipes and a measuring tape. More on this in next weeks post, but trust me you don’t want to leave home without it!


And there you have it! Follow these basic “BEFORE” rules and you will be a third of the way to becoming a master thrifter! Be sure to come back next week for all the tips you need during your thrift trip!


Let me know in the comments below your favorite tip!