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I mentioned during the height of lock-down I would take a walk and listen to YouTube videos to help clear my head and get a breather from being stuck inside working on projects all day. After my walks, I would find my mind a bit clearer and have a second wind to get all my evening tasks done.

Matt D’Avella

Seems like everyone is giving advice on how to be more productive, but Matt’s advice is very practical and easy to stick to; my fave is his approach to working out and not skipping more than two days in a row. Its something so simple but it takes the pressure off from trying to be “perfect” right off the jump. I love his no-stress approach to achieving your goals that won’t overwhelm you.

Erin May Henry

She talks about business from a place of having a healthy mindset. Her videos are a mix of self-improvement, goal-setting (personal and professional), and growing your business. Straightforward, practical advice for growing in your business and life.

Pick Up Limes

This is not a new to me channel as I’ve been a fan of it for a few years. Now, this is a recipe channel but it also dives into mindset and productivity and I appreciate to mix of both.

The Financial Diet

It should be no surprise that I’m a bit obsessed with tracking my money and finances. When it comes to money, I enjoy getting different prospectives before I finally land on one that works for me. Most of the financial advice I’ve gotten over the years is stuffy, boring, outdated, and don’t really apply to my situation BUT the advice here is for millennials by millennial who understand the struggles of our financial life. I love the practical advice given about money and I love their series “Making it Work”, where everyday people talk about their personal money journeys.

And there you have it.

Let me know if you check any of these channel out!



Photo by Sandy Swagger Jones