Thrift Store Hunting

last minute christmas gifts shopping ideas

If you’re anything like me, you still have a few people to cross off your gift list and since it’s Christmas Eve your options are somewhat limited. To give you a little bit of help, I’m rounding up my go-to last second way of getting those gifts you put off last minute under the tree just in time for Christmas morning!

Order Online. Pick up in store. All major retailers; Target, Best Buy and Walmart are still in the “order online and pick up in store” mode and that comes in clutch, avoiding the all too familiar roam around the store and then standing a long ass line checking out. I did this a few days ago for two games on the boys list and I just pulled up, got the gift and walked out giggling at all the basic people standing in line (insert hair flip emoji here) lol!

Shop Local. Many of the local shops in my town; RVA all day baby, will be open for a few hours today for last second shopping. Perfect for the getting a unique, well curated gift that you can pretend it took you months of planning to narrow down but actually it took 30 minutes of looking and pooling anyone in the store that will listen if you should get this or that lol!

Goodwill for the WIN. I’ll be hitting up a few Goodwill’s in my area looking for a few additions to my moms gift; can’t’ say what I’m looking for because she a super supportive parent and actually reads my blog lol but I know I can find it there. Instead of trying to sift through the clothes looking for that perfect band tee your sister wanted, head for the housewares or jewelry section. It will take less time sort through and you will have better luck finding something!

When all else fails. Just get gift cards! There is no better gift than letting them get exactly what they want lol!

Hope these tips help and if you will excuse me, I have some shopping to do!

Have a very Merry Christmas guys!


Photos by Sandy Swagger Jones