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Five Things: Travel Destinations

Five Things: Travel Destinations

Happy First Friday of 2017!

When I was 13 years old, I got the amazing chance to visit London for two weeks. I can still remember every second of that trip and have always wanted to go back. This year I’ll be traveling to the Bahamas for my cousins wedding and this has sparked a bit of a travel bug in me so I’m sharing the FIVE places I would love to travel to!


  1. London: My mother lived in London during her high-school years when my grandfather was stationed at an Air Force Base in England and she would always have fond stories her time there and after my visit I understood why. It was literally love at first sight with this city and I have been craving a trip back ever since!
  2. Paris: I’d never had an interest in visiting until I saw post from others via Instagram. Every inch of this place seems so magical and I too want an iconic shot in front of the Eiffel Tower, eating a pastry and walking down those magical streets to live on my Instagram feed forever!
  3. Africa: It’s been on my bucket list for years! I would love to take my son there and just explore the rich culture of my ancestors. My best friend travels there frequently and I soak up every story she tells of her trips there.
  4. Greece: Another place I’ve been able to see in all its glory via Instagram. The architecture of this place is simply stunning and I must see it in person someday soon!
  5. Italy: I legit just wanna go for pasta and pizza lol… is that bad???


I know I won’t travel too all these places before the end of this year but I’m going to plant the seed and scratch each off my list in due time!


What places are on your bucket list for this year??







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