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Happy 2019!!!!

While everyone else started off the New Year posting about what they resolve to do for 2019, I took a break. It takes me a little bit to get back into the swing of things and since I juggle both a 9-5, blogging and now managing PR and social accounts for small brands, I have to ease in a bit slower.

2018 was a really good year for my blog. I partnered with some major brands, was a regular fixture on TV, nailed two brand ambassadorships, lead a workshop for a conference, was featured in a magazine and became a member of a blogger group I’d been eyeing for a few years. It was the first year I made an income from blogging and toward the end of the year, I finally got an LLC, gave my business a name and expanded from just being a blogger to working with small brands on their PR and digital marketing needs.

Damn I accomplished a lot!

Not gonna lie, I watched a shit ton of “2018 IG” recaps and it really made me feel like I didn’t do shit and shy’ed away from posing a recap of my own but now that I’m looking at the above list, not too bad if I say so myself! 2019 is the year I stop comparing myself with others and just focus on my lane, it’s nice in my lane and I’m driving a pretty sweet ass car! It’s red, my power color!

At some time during 2017, I signed up for the Classy Career Girls Guide; I’m sure to get a free download for something and right before 2018, I was sent an invite to plan out my Q1 goals. I, like the rest of the world, set’s lofty resolutions that I want to accomplish for the New Year. I’d heard of breaking your year into quarters, setting goals for each quarter, breaking those goals down to action steps and then watch time after time meet said goals. I never really did it though, despite watching my friends and others around me crush their goals and me sitting back wondering what I was doing wrong. Since I wanted 2018 to be different, I gave it a shot and the mini recap I gave at the top of this post is the result of that! Even stuff I didn’t add to the list magically added itself and as quickly as it was added, crossed itself off. So you already know that’s EXACTLY how I mapped out my 2019 and seven days into Q1, I’m already crushing my one month goals!

As I look back at how I was able to knock my goals out of the park I found one thing that worked and that was being consistent. When I stayed on track, made list, keep my word to myself and of course made pivots where it was needed, I was on fire; you’ve never meet a person more on fire! But when I slacked, put task off for days on end, went days without a plan, it showed and my work suffered for it. So when setting my goals for this year, I came up with a word to go along with it and that word is consistency. I’ve seen what happens when I consistently show up so that is the energy I want to keep for this year. I’ve even taken it a step further and will be giving each quarter a word, building on the previous one as the year progresses. Quarter one’s word is consistency to help jumpstart my year and when I’m planning my words for quarters two, three and four, I’ll be sure to share them with you!

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And because you’ve been dying to know; that’s why you jumped right to the section that looked like a list cause who has time to actually read all the stuff I wrote that lead me to this point….rude lol, here are a few of the goals I have for this year:

Paying off debt; I’ll be sharing a post going into great detail about this goal!

Share more, story time. This blog was a well kept secret for TWO years before I told anyone, even my mother. I can be super secretive at times and it drives my close friends and family crazy. I have no clue why I’m like this and I’m working slowly to be more open with the people who I love and love me. It wasn’t until my first time on TV did anyone else know I was a blogger and even then I down played the hell out of it and tried my hardest to keep it guarded for fear of what others would think. Last year I finally had to make an announcement on FB after a segment I did was reposted by a few people and private messages filled my inbox. I said I was going to start sharing my post there but I only did a few times and it made me cringe. It’s strange, I have no issue sharing to strangers but to people I know gives me hives. This year I vow to share all of my blog post in FB to help me get out of this fear I have. This post will be the first one, here goes nothing!

Finally graduate; because my parents have waited long enough lol!

Travel twice; once out of the U.S. and I know if me you know this is a HUGE step!

Lose 30 pounds; no list would be complete without it lol!

Grow my freelance business adding four clients by the end of the year; world domination here I come!

Secure a long term partnership with a brand; if you happen to talk to the Goodwill let them know this goal is for them!

Become an official regular for a TV network; don’t you want to see this face on a regular basis???

And that’s it! I’ll be sharing with you guys updates on my progress and let me know what goals you’re trying to accomplish! Let’s help each other make our 2019 the shit!



Photos by Sandy Swagger Jones