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bold move

bold move

Besides two people, no one else at my full time job knows I have this blog. For the past few years I’ve kept these two worlds separate; working with kids during the day and blogging at night and on the weekends. I’ve never had a reason to tell a whole host of people at my job and up until a few weeks ago. If you recall, I made my television debut as a blogger and before the segment aired, it hit me like a ton of bricks; people I work with are going to see this and my well guarded secret will be no more. Major knots in my stomach, a cold sweat and a million thoughts swirled in my mind and I wanted to call the news station and back out. I was deathly afraid of what people would think and how they would react. At the final hour, I emailed a few ladies I sit on a committee with to give them the heads up; I wanted to soften the blow. The day the segment aired I was on pins and needles; I wanted it to be well received and I hoped if anyone from work saw it, they liked it. The day came and went without a peep and I figured I was in the clear; then the next day came. It seemed as if every corner I turned, someone had seen in and had tons of questions to ask. I answered them as best I could and and with every conversation my nerves about this whole thing faded away.

Now that the cat is out of the bag, I wonder to myself why I was so nervous about the whole thing in the first place. I guess it was the whole “Are people going to think I’m strange for doing this” thoughts that I wasn’t able to shake and to tell you the truth, I never realized I had them until I was faced with people finally finding out. No one looks at me differently and to tell you the truth, I’m sure most have forgotten I was even on TV, so yea lol!


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Photos by: Sandy Swagger Jones