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My Best Year Yet!

My Best Year Yet!

According to my 2017 horoscope over at Refinery29, this is going to be my best year yet!  While I’m not big on setting resolutions, I do have some goals that I want to accomplish personally and professionally.

  1. Continue to grow my blog. Though its slow moving, I am seeing growth in my little pocket of the interweb and it gives me all sorts of motivation!  I have a lot cool projects I’m working on and a few collaborations coming down the pike so stay tuned!
  2. Work on my fitness. It’s the goal of women all over the world for centuries and I too want to drop a few pounds and get in better shape. No goal weight in mind, I just want to feel better about my body.
  3. Dean’s List! I have been chasing this since I got it 2015 and this is the year I’m gonna catch it. PERIOD!
  4. Get out more! I go to class to work to home and that’s it. This year I vow to get out of my routine and do more with my friends and family….outside of the house.
  5. Appreciate the small things. We are all guilty of this; not being grateful for the small things in life but my goal is to appreciate one small thing daily.
  6.  Read more. When I was younger I could not read enough but as I’ve gotten older, it has become a thing of the past. I want to get in at least 10 good books this year.
  7. Journal. Another habit from my past that I want to get back into. My goal is to journal at least once a week!
  8. Stop the self doubt! Nuff said!

What things have YOU resolved to do this year??



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